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Who would benefit from studying the sanctuary?
Anyone who would like a better understanding of the plan of salvation as well as the Bible in general, especially the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

Isn't the sanctuary just ancient Jewish history?
The old testament sanctuary and annual festivals are in fact history, but they are also prophetic. They pointed forward to the time in which we live today.

What sources are used for the sanctuary studies?
The studies you will find on this website use only the Bible as the source for the truths presented.

How many sanctuaries are found in the old testament?
There are a number of sanctuaries described in the old testament, the wilderness sanctuary built by Moses, the temple built by Solomon, Ezekiel's temple(which was never built),and the most important sanctuary in all of Scripture, which you will discover in these studies.

How many sanctuaries are mentioned in the new testament?
This is a very good question! Download the studies under the Resources tab to find the answer.

Will a understanding of the sanctuary enable me to better understand Revelation?
Absolutely! The book of Revelation is full of references to the sanctuary, its furniture and its services.

Is there anything in the sanctuary for me personally?
The sanctuary has everything to do with each individual who is seeking truth. It reveals the path to heaven.

Does the sanctuary reveal the true Messiah?
It certainly does. The Messiah is at the very center of the sanctuary and is exemplified in all the ceremonies, sacrifices and festivals. A very detailed prophecy reveals with accuracy the identity of the Messiah.

How do I obtain a copy of the sanctuary studies?
Simply navigate to our Study Guides page under the Resources tab and download the studies.

How can I donate to this ministry?
Simply navigate to our contacts page and call, write or email us.